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Death A Constitutional Right In Canada, Thank You MAiD

Oh Canada, MAiD Will Help Your People Die

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, It's Time To Stand

To My Jewish Friends, Stand Up

Saturday Reminder With Bill Cooper

There's No Free Speech On Twitter

Montana's Media Can't Help But Push The COVID Lie

In 2020 White House Documents Admitted Facts About The PCR Test

Montana News Mixes Truth With Utter Propaganda

Calling the Kettle Black

Never Let A Gun Violence Crisis To Go Waste

COVID Vaccination Leads to Herpes and Hospitalization

A Little Reminder, None Of Them Are On Our Side

The United States Died in 1971

Brainwashing 101

Medical Doctors Spits Facts About Spike Proteins

Fauci Uses The Pandemic For Financial Gain

Quick Update

It's Always Hidden In Plain Sight

A.I. Tyranny, Taxed by Computer

No Cancer In People Seen Until Vaccination

Vaccination Warfare for Total Compliance

Genetic Therapies To Erase Human Life

Don' Shoot The Messenger

A Reminder and A Question

Johnson & Johnson Your Salvation

Alternative Search Engines

With Digital Currencies You Lose All Remaining Freedoms

Moderna Tested COVID Vaccines Since 2017

People Ignored Facts

Short Clip from Interview With Former Greenpeace President Dr. Patrick Moore

The Church Corrupts From Within

The Influenza Mask And Its Consequences from 1919

Priest Warns The World From The Street of Rome

Florida SB 2006 Strips Away Your Constitutional Rights

COVID & 5G, A Match Made In Heaven

Natural Food Supply No More in 2030 Cities

Bill Gates and Fauci in Business Since 2000

A Sting Operation From Day One

Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens

The mRNA Vaccine Causes The Variant

Never Give Into The Woke Agenda

Public Schools & Human Babies

Corporation's Not Only Want You Dead, They Want You Destitute First.

Merck's New COVID Wonder Drug

A Quick Update

Human Monkeypox, 1970-79. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 58 (2): 165–82.

Myopericarditis in a Previously Healthy Adolescent Male Following COVID-19 Vaccination

Everything Brought To You By Pfizer

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche Vaccine Expert

Bayer's Stefan Oelrich

Maryland Senator Seeks Infanticide

Association of Myocarditis With BNT162b2 Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccine in a Case Series of Children

Montana Judge Promotes Genocide

Montana Colleges Propaganda

Congressman Fires Back

Imre Nagy Uprising in 1956

The Media Comes Clean on Pfizer

Montana State's Jon Tester

mRNA Injection Destroy Your Cells

Digital ID's, The New Normal

Part III: Rockefeller Foundation

Part II: Rockefeller Foundation

Part I: Rockefeller Foundation

Saliva Is More Sensitive for SARS-CoV-2 Detection in COVID-19 Patients than Nasopharyngeal Swabs.

CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-NCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel

Rockefeller Foundation National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan White Paper

How Maps, Compasses, and Circumnavigation Work

mRNA & Spike Proteins

A Man Walks Into a Bank To Withdraw his Money

Amazon and WEF in Bed Together

Pfizer BNT162b2 Injections

Doctor Admits They’ll ‘Never’ Know ‘How Safe the Vaccine Is Unless We Start Giving It

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Comirnaty

COVID-19 Vaccines Safety Update May 2022

Comirnaty Information - Package Insert (Purple Cap)

Vaccine Information Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers About Comirnaty

IIS COVID-19 Vaccine Related Code

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine EUA

Pfizer Vaccination Leads to Smallpox Like Symptoms and Hospitalization

Smallpox Vaccine & You

The Smallpox Vaccine, Tembexa

U.S. Appeals Court Revokes 2A


The Spanish Flu Was a Military Flu

Would This Interest You?

Dr. Peter McCullough Explains the Damage Seen From Vaccines

We Need To Stop Buying

The Experiment Continued

Big Pharma Experiment

Need Your Input

Lockdown's End When People End Them

Apple Ignores Apple's Human Rights Policies

These Are The People You Trust

Lockdowns End When People End Them

Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson Human Experiments

1918 Spanish Flu

Yes, Even Fox News

Doctors Protected People in 1918

What Does Repent Mean?

Montana Rivers in Ruin

Jane Roe Lied, It's All Based on A Pack of Lies

It's All Based on A Pack of Lies

The Ministry of Truth, It's Obama

The Ministry of Truth Started Before Biden

The PCR Test & Ethylene Oxide

Judge A Man By His Character, Not Empty Words

Manufactured Food Crisis by the Government

Cell Phones Harm Our Health

Democrats New Normal, Obey or Die Destitute

Mask Research

The Ronald McDonald House

Seattle’s Socialist

The Anti-Christ Walks The Earth

Let’s Explore Together

Crime in Montana Explodes, It's Time to Get Involved

What Does Repent Mean?

Dangerous Chemicals in Store Bought Soil and Food Supply

S3E14. Corruption From The Top Down

It's Been A TV Show From Day One

What Causes Infection?

Natural Vitamins Can be Synthetic Vitamins

S3E13. A Lack of Empathy, The New Normal, And You Think It's Funny

No Audio: Watch The People You Trusted

Housing Boom in Montana Devastates Their Environment

Government Shutdowns, Our New Normal

Gun Control, They're Coming For Your 2A Rights

Crime in Montana Explodes

HR 2471 Gun Control Passes House

Montana Ski Resort Goes Woke, Sewage On the Slopes

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Accomplishments

Corruption From The Top Down, Meet Kamala Harris

Fish Montana Rivers, Contaminated with Wastewater Toxins

Russian Tycoon Put's Bounty on Putin

Montana Ski Resort Goes Woke

Russian Tycoon in Bed With Biden Places $1M Bounty on Putin

Putin Russia Ukraine Conflict

Did you know this about Johnson & Johnson?

DARPA Controls All With the Help of BigPharma and Nanotechnology

Did you know this about Exxon Mobile?

Facebook Cares About Cash, Not Kids

Vaccines, A Gift From God Proclaimed Kathy Hochul

Colstrip Montana

West Coast Strikes Again in Colstrip Montana

mRNA was Discovered by Accident.

Government Approved, Human Experiments Paid For By You

Montana Equals Freedom

The US will dominate the Flu Vaccine Market by 2028

The United States Lead's in the Vax Market

Canadian Military Speaks Out

Montana Public Defenders

Did You Know This About TBHQ and You?

They Can't Tell The Truth Even If They Tried

Montana's Housing Market Gets Crushed

Apple's Out of Control

GoFundMe Refund

BlackRock Runs all Administrations

Did you know, Bill Gates Wants Your Kids Tagged and Tracked?

Genesis 2:2

Genesis 2:2, The Wedding Day

All You Need is Natural Immunity

Fauci Does Horrific Acts of Violence in the Name of Science

The U.S. Government Funded Human Trafficking

S3E03. UPDATED: Cabela Made Their Choice, Now We Make Ours

Gov. Funded Murder

TBHQ, FDA Approved and In Your Food

The Vaccine Passport is Here

Genesis 2:24 — To Cleave, What Does it Actually Mean?

A Reminder About Johnson & Johnson

US Appeals Court Make Their Own Rules