U.S. Taxes Used To Scare You Into Compliance, For Your Own Safety Of Course.
An Animated Short Film, Must Watch
It's The Path To Life, Without Them You'll Have None
This is where we're at as a nation. None are on our side. None.
Don't Make A Run On The BankThis is exactly what the globalist need you to do!
And They Did It With The Help of Congress and the Plandemic
Plans For Smart Cities Started Back In 2010And Freedom Cities is just another name for digital prisons.
They Must Silence All Free speech, Podcast Next, Thanks BigTech & DNCListen now (24 min) | Season 4: Episode 8
Under No Circumstance V4C1N4T3 Your KidsIt'll lead to the Pale Horse of Revelation
But it's OK, the abortion pills are perfectly safe, says the FDA

February 2023

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Palestine Ohio, Seveso Italy & Toxic ContaminationListen now (18 min) | Season: 4 | Episode: 7