Moderna Tested COVID Vaccines Since 2017

They Knew It Was Coming, Because They Help Plan It

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Before they give you a lethal injection, they swab your arm with alcohol. It's true. Well, they don't want you to get an infection, and you can see their point. They don't want some guy to go to hell and be sick.

— George Carlin

Moderna begun their mRNA experimental test back in 2017. They knew the planned non-lethal outbreak would come. Why do I say this? Because, they ran test until 2019 and had contracts in place to protect their interest. They also aligned with governments to remove liability. Anyone damaged by their new technology would have no recourse. (Archives, dir. 2022, Cristian Terhes).

Also, two months before COVID took the world by storm, Bill Gates made his move. With the help of John Hopkins and others, they organized Event 201 on October 18, 2019. And like magic, the pandemic played out to perfection. Every detail laid out occurred as predicted (Daniel Horowitz. 2021).

Then another crystal ball moment. Two days after Moderna received the genetic sequence from China, they had their shot. Under the EUA, the government allowed the toxin to hit the streets. It flowed into the veins of humans worldwide. No proper clinical trials, but it didn't matter (David Wallace-Wells. 2020). The people who partook become the lab rats.

But maybe the shots weren't experimental. Maybe they worked as designed:

  1. They caused severe adverse reactions.

  2. In some cases, death after two to three injections.

  3. They used the adverse reaction from the shot to drive the pandemic for a virus with a 99.999% survival rate.

We now know the spike proteins in the mRNA technology caused COVID illness. We also learned these vaccines didn't stop the spread or protect a person from getting the virus. They offered zero benefit to human health (Open Media One. 2021).

But what they did offer wasn't what people expected. It allowed for the path to worldwide oppression. Complete control of all people. And a passive income for Big Pharma and their investors, with each booster offered. They've created lifelong customers for their drugs. And for those they murdered, a family left in crisis.

Either way humanity loses and these monsters win, because the people refuse to stand.

I can no longer ask you to take a stand because the window's closed. But I can ask you to resist at all costs. And if you don't, servitude awaits. We're way past talking.

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