Everything Brought To You By Pfizer

All Media and News Owned By Big Pharma Cartel

Pfizer, a criminal cartel, controls the United States. Even the FDA does what they’re told. On behalf of Pfizer, the Food and Drug Administration desires to help. Keep Pfizers data hidden until 2096 (451K pages). They don’t want the world to know the crimes against humanity committed under the FDA’s EUA. If one goes down, they both go down. Like all criminals, they band together and guarantee their secret remains silent. (Dado Ruvic. 2021).

The same Pfizer where C-Level Execs cashed in the same day they reported positive results. Of course they lied and stated their mRNA injections had a 90% effective rate. Hence the reason for quick cash in.

CEO Albert Bourla sold 132,508 shares and walked away with a cool $5.6 million. The VP Sally Susman followed in his footsteps and profited $1.8 on the same day (Paul R. La Monica. 2020).

Pfizer is nothing more than a criminal cartel. People better wise up before it’s too late.

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