We Need To Stop Buying

Our Weakness Gives Them Their Strength

The more we buy useless products, the more control they have. If we don’t want synthetic meats, bugs to eat, or toxic products thrown down our throats— don’t buy them. It’s that simple.

If we despise BigTech removing our God given right of free speech, don’t use their platforms. It’s that simple.

Into trains we go
Life controlled by the elite
Freedom fades away

—wiv, senryu

Sadly, we’ve become a culture of all about me-ism. We pay attention to about issues when they affect us personally. Until then, we do as we see fit while our neighbors suffer. And unless we stand united and stop our selfish endeavours, we’re finished. They’ll continue to control every aspect of our lives because they know they can.

As long as people put their interest before others, the decline we see across the world will worsen. These corporate tyrants and social giants won’t stop. They’ll continue to crush each one of us into servitude for profit.

It’s time to stop feeding these beasts. Stand united and force these companies to listen through their pocketbooks. If we don’t, soon they have us all enslaved.

Leave me your thoughts. I’m interested to hear your take on the matter!

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