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The United States Died in 1971

And Placed Six Feet Under in 2022

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In 1944, the United States took a turn in the right direction. The Bretton Woods Agreement guaranteed a U.S. gold backed dollar for the world. Economies blossom as small American business become the beckon of freedom.

Mom and pop shops thrive
— Capitalism arrives
Taxes in decline

— wiv, senryu

Then, in 1971, it all came undone. The mighty dollar spirals into a worthless medium of exchange. Our government turned American currency into fiat federal reserve notes. Generated by the truckload, not worth the paper they're printed on. The world free falls into a system of Marxism (Robert Kiyosaki, dir. 2022).

The United States
No more white and blue, just red
— Chinese policies
Destroy all traces of wealth
Collapse their economy

— wiv, tanka

Instead of an America first policy, un-elected tyrants move in a different direction. They push the citizens into a position of servitude. The Great Depression will seem like child plays when it's all said and done. With hyperinflation set in motion, the great American collapse begins (Archives, dir. 2022).

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