mRNA & Spike Proteins

An Engineered Bio-Weapon


On the onset of the COVID outbreak, doctors didn't require new mRNA vaccine variations to manage their patients’ care. Drugs in existence worked and saved many. Yet the media hid these facts.

A few takeaways from the video clip (Open Media One. 2021).

  1. The pathogen which caused death in COVID illness was the spike protein, not coronavirus. The reason, a coronavirus has never been isolated as the cause of the deaths or sickness.

  2. The vaccines create spike proteins which is toxic to humans and cause death. The goal of the poison, kill millions under the radar without leaving a trace.

  3. COVID is an engineered virus created by our government. They also own patents and mandate the weapons grade spike protein, which they know kills. These proteins cause an allergic reaction in the hose. If not treated properly, it leads to death.

  4. Protocols used by the hospital have been engineered to drive mass murder.

  5. Spike proteins are a membrane protein and use mRNA technology to help deliver it throughout the human body.  

  6. Spike protein triggers immune responses which help hide the root cause of death. By engineering the spike protein weapon, they will never attribute death to the shots. Rather, they will associate death with the person underlying preexisting conditions. This technology causes their conditions to exacerbate. Cancers in remission, flair up. People with diabetes will encounter strokes and heart attacks. Any underlying condition becomes worse because of the toxic poison they injected.

The purpose of a vaccine, prevent infection and transmission. Yet the mRNA drug does neither and it’s mandated in some countries. Due to these facts, there’s no other reason to inject people with a drug that serves no health benefit except for revenue, depopulation and control of humanity.

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