Digital ID's, The New Normal

Get Your Certification of Vaccination Identification (COVID)

They created COVID (Certification of Vaccination Identification) for one reason: to push a digital identity. End game, everybody on the planet tracked via blockchain technology. Their goal, force it, make people beg to cease the insanity. Flood countries with illegals as crime rises to unprecedented levels. Once citizens cower in perpetual fear, they'll plead for the authorities to save them.

Please tag and chip everyone for their safety. We don't need freedom for a bug with a 99.999% survival rate.


As stated by Tony Blair himself, you locked down an entire economy for the sake of a few. Destroy business, cripple the supply chain and remove people's rights for the minority. And in lock-step with Rockefeller's plan, the only way out — continuous testing. The results stored in a biometric identity to prove a person's compliance status. This then carries over to immigration, commerce and the citizen's entire lifeline. Without a digital-id, a person might as well not exist.

And to complete their effort, governments will partner with corrupt corporation. They'll turn to Big Tech for our protection. Then more government policies and restrictions for the citizens to come (Tony Blair. 2020).

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