Amazon and WEF in Bed Together

It'll only get worse unless you say no more.

Psychopath in chief, “Yuval Noah Harari”, of the WEF wants to have your every thought known.

  • Step one, inject or implant nanotech.

  • Step two, corporations own our every thought.

You become nothing more than a commodity. A revenue stream for their products.

Read a book on kindle, the sensors in you pick up on your reactions. They look for spikes in blood pressure, heart rate or any other KPI known to science.

Now they know what makes you tick inside and out. Thought social media was bad, this becomes no more privacy 2.0. And the worst part, Amazon never forgets the emotional state experienced when you read a certain paragraph or phrase in the book.

Maybe it’s time we all go back to paper books as a backup for when they implement this technology.

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