Priest Warns The World From The Street of Rome

You must choose between life or death.

Aug 31, 2022

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We're witnessing a Masonic takeover of the world. Their key to servitude, the COVID-19 pandemic (plandemic).

Since Masons founded their lodges in 1717, they put their plans into action. Throughout the ages, they've overthrown governments, infiltrated religious institutions, and created their own banks. They helped start World War 1 & 2 as millions died at their hands. But for the elite, it wasn't enough. Their plans were more nefarious than any could imagine. They want the world to love evil and hate God so we can all burn in hell with them. These pedophiles will never cease until the world kneels before their debauchery.

These tyrants want total and complete control over every human on the planet. To guarantee success, they turn to technology — mRNA vaccines and 5G. Once injected, the people become owned by the elite and controlled through WiFi. Mass surveillance at scale now thrives with the help of BigTech and Telcos worldwide.

Each one of us must make a decision. We must pick a side, life or death. Those who partook in their darkness and allowed the experimental shots into their veins preferred death. They trusted known mass murderers instead of God, the Creator of all. But those who chose life must protect it at all costs, by any means necessary.

God has blinded many, even though the truth lies within their sight. For those who can see, warn all. Never allow the elite to silence any of us as long as your breath remains.

We're the light and must become the voice and protector of all. For our governments have chosen darkness over the will of the people.

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