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Criminals Rule The World

From False Foundations to Malevolent Might

The Dark Reality of A.I. Weaponization

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The Lockdowns Are Coming Back

Fire, Climate Change, Bomb, Oh My!

ChatGPT & Bard AI, Master's of Disinformation

Jan. 6 Was A Coup D'état

1968 It Began With The Club of Rome

Netflix, The Propaganda Machine for the Government

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While You're Distracted, SB 1409 Will Seal Your Fate

Restoring Faith in Darkness

Mandated digital IDs: happening fast

Darkness Shrouds A Montana Children’s Hospital

The U.S. Arm's Race

Trading Earthly Treasures for True Wealth

The Time To Withdraw Has Past

Sodom and Gomorrah Was A Cake Walk

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A Nation Under Siege

Shedding Light on the Untold Stories of Women's Abuse in the Eastern World

The LGBT Community Will Devour Your Children

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Shedding Concerns Surrounding COVID Vaccines & The Vaccinated

Questioning Safety Amidst Media Manipulation and Unknown Consequences Of Weather Modification

WANTED: Renee DiResta, Technical manager of the Stanford Internet Observatory, which I wrote about earlier, and Alex Stamos, its Director, for creating a US Stasi--outside of government

The Invisible Threat: Understanding the Hazards of Silver Iodide

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Happy 4th, Welcome To The U.S. Army

It’s Beyond Belief as Corporations Push The Evil of Pri[demon]th

Understanding the Warning Signs of Trauma Bonding

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The WEF and Global Elite Want To Enslave The World

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Dr. Ryan Cole Exposes Dangers Of The Spike Protein

The Dark Reality of BigTech and Bankers

Unraveling CCP's Master Plan against the West: Genocide

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Instagram, The Pedophile Network?

DHS Raises Concerns Over The US Power Grid

Unconstitutional Power Play

Microsoft's Alleged Treasonous Acts and their Impact on Freedom of Speech

Seems Monopolies Are Legal In The U.S.

China's Red Guard Walks Free On American Shores

Hidden In Plain Sight

Yeah, What He Said

The Path To American Genocide Through Abortion

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What Happened To The Ohio Story?

Who Kills In Deut. 32:39, God Or Someone Else

Propaganda Leads to The Five Stages of Death

Planned Parenthood Hates Blacks

Saturday Night Live Called Out Corruption in 1998

mRNA Vaccine Creates a Triple Helix

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Pfizer Targets The Youth With Vile Propaganda

Benjamin Netanyahu, The Hitler of Israel

Who Kills In Deuteronomy 32:39

George Soros, Hillary & Government Behind The Destruction of the U.S.

A Staged Event In The TN Shooting To Revoke Your Rights?

Emergency Use Authorization of Medical Products

Detox From Spike Protein, Ivermectin Works

Politicians & Health Clinics Need A Dictionary

Internet Access Soon To Require Digital ID

Your Future, After The Great Reset

Facial Recognition & Fingerprints

If You Haven't Watched This, Watch It

Don't Make A Run On The Bank

Wall Street Buys Homes At Record Pace

Plans For Smart Cities Started Back In 2010

They Must Silence All Free speech, Podcast Next, Thanks BigTech & DNC

Under No Circumstance V4C1N4T3 Your Kids

More Babies Will Die Thanks To Biden

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Palestine Ohio, Seveso Italy & Toxic Contamination

A Reminder From Dwight Eisenhower

Why Save, Use Debt to Get Ahead

Ohio's Nightmare, Recap. What They're Not Telling You

The Left & Woke Ideologies Are Not Compatible with Human Nature

The DNCs Ideology Is Anti-Christ

Center for Biological Diversity vs EPA (Vinyl Chloride)

The Destruction of Children Through Leftist Policies

Ohio's Safe, Chickens Dying Ten Miles Away

Woke Agenda Targets Our Kids

A Valentine Day Message

And So It Begins, Let The False Flags Fly

It's Never Been About Climate Change

Twitter Abhors Our Youth

No Digital Identity, No Access to The Internet or Your Life

Zero Trust Removes Your Freedom

America's A Socialist Country

The Beast System's Here

US Military Controls Weather by 2025

WEF & Their 2023 Global Risks Report Unwrapped

Government Doesn't Need to Ban Natural Gas, They'll Tax You Into Compliance

Gas Stoves Don't Lead to Asthma

Planned Digital Pandemic Worse Than COVID

Research on the Fetus

Planned Parenthood Violates Federal Law Without Consequence

Human Mice Experiments

The ABC's of Life

Mainstream Media Cannot Be Trusted