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Where is the evidence moderna was working specifically on sars-cov-2?

Vaccine manufacturers had legal indemnification since about 1986, so it's obviuos moderna would seek that as well. That is not evidence of any particular foreknowledge of this particular virus.

There were SARS and MERS outbreaks in the 2000s, and it was generally understood that this class of virus posed potential health risks they could cash-in on.

Knowing the people and investors behind Moderna, It's quite plausible they had foreknowledge...

But where's the EVIDENCE?

I don't see any here.


It's the nature of the mRNA vaccines that all the work goes into the LNP carrier and engineering the tech. Once you have that working, then assembling a target for any particular disease is just copy-pasting the genetic sequence. That's what took "two days". The copy-paste doesn't even take two seconds...

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We've long ago reached the stage where we know what these people were planning and what they eventually did to us. We know who perpetrated this crime. We know how deadly the shots are, and we know that this lethality was part of the depopulation plan. And we have a good idea of who these nefarious actors are. We know what their long-term plans are; i.e., digital currencies and totalitarian control. Have we not reached the point where we need to band together and storm the castles and drag these miscreants into the streets?

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