A Reminder and A Question

Hello Friends, first, I want to thank everyone who follows me, especially those who support me through paid subscriptions. Without your paid subscriptions, the newsletter would not be possible. Your paid subscriptions help me tremendously as I've lost two jobs due to standing up and not taking the jab. Every paid subscription is a blessing and appreciated more than you realize.

In case you missed the email on my moving the poems and short stories to a different newsletter, here is the link.

Now the question. I am considering moving the "Bible Study" section to a different substack newsletter. It doesn't seem to belong with "Walk In Verse — Uncensored." By moving it, I'd be able to focus more on 

  • ancient texts, 

  • languages (Hebrew & Greek), 

  • commentaries, 

  • hidden and lost facts,

  • and share videos of interest. 

What are your thoughts?

Please let me know in the comment section below.