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Unconstitutional Power Play

BlackRock's Tyrannical Hold on all American Policy

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You have to force changes. It has to be imbued in the culture of a firm. Behaviors across the entire firm in every region have to be similar, and every citizen of the firm has to understand what are acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.

— Larry Fink

Larry Fink reveals his narcissistic audacity in his rhetorical prose, “Do as I say, but not as He does.” This prince of HaSatan owns your life. And it started in boardrooms across America. BackRock forced corporate woke policies with Larry’s fecal fist and overused limp wrist.

Today Fink drives his ESG WEF Chinese-based financial corporate ranking solution across American soil, without congressional consent. This piece of excrement revoked your constitutional rights. And no one, not even Donald, used his presidential power to cease Finks’ unethical activities. Instead, he embraced them. BlackRock became the advisor to the Federal Reserve and led the Corona bailout program. I know, right?

Now, with the final solution in place, wokeness drives the metrics. No inclusion, racial or radical diversity established, then all financial backing comes to a halt. Chapter 11 crashes down with a pile of unemployment and a heap of financial ruin left in Fink’s wake.  

The example set, as Corporate Communism thrives in the U.S.S.A.

But wait, I already hear your next comment, “Oh yeah, dude, the military will save us.” Really? How’s the protect and serve portion of the oath working out? The only services offered are to those who fund their endeavors. And even that notion sets on Fink’s ESG threshold criteria. No metric achieved, no funding.

The only path forward in the United States, society must shut these corporations and elite traitors down. You control them with the products you purchase, and they know it. So stop buying them, think Budweiser on a national scale. Any company that pushes LGBTQ+, climate change, or great reset like nonsense, we end them. Not another penny allocated to any product offered, with no exceptions.

Why do you think the next step in their vile scheme encompasses CBDC? 

Hint: You will own nothing and like it. That’s after they destroy the United States and leave everyone destitute and in ruins because good men sat and did nothing.

Godspeed, my friends, godspeed.

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