These Are The People You Trust

They Murdered on Live TV and Lied


Warning one F-Bomb Dropped by host in video.

Before another person rolls up their sleeves, tell them to stop. Everyone needs to remember the criminal activity of Big Pharma. Almost all have a criminal past. Almost all sued for illegal activity. They’ve lied in the past and present. They commit fraud against their customer base to secure profit for their shareholders.

Healthcare professional and political pundits on their payroll ask’s for your trust.

What have we seen since the death of Tiffany? Nothing short of genocide by lethal injection.

Headlines news flooded with death after injection. All ages included. And now the FDA wants to force on your children another EUA booster. Not approved, no informed consent and lethal. No proper test required as Operation Wrap Speed allows for reckless dispersion of said vaccines.

These genetic therapies are dangerous. How dangerous? They ordered military doctors not to speak about the adverse reactions of military personnel.

A U.S. Army medical officer has testified in court that she was ordered by a superior to suppress data about Covid-19 vaccine injuries amid Team Biden’s push to mandate the jab.

Asked during a March 10 hearing about Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) report revealing a high rate of vaccine injuries among military personnel, Lt. Col. Theresa Long said: “I have been ordered not to answer that question.”

At the time of writing their article, they stated a 1,000 percent increase in adverse reactions.

They included:

  • miscarriages and cancers,

  • and neurological problems in those injected with the mRNA based vaccines.

Once whistleblowers exposed the corruption, the D.O.D. did what it does best. It lied and blamed the high numbers on a glitch.

Unfortunately for them, VARES and other system world-wide back those who exposed the Big Pharma criminal cartel.

Stop all compliance now and question everything.

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