Planned Digital Pandemic Worse Than COVID

They Always Tell You Their Next Move

The WEF tells the world they’re planning to create a digital pandemic worse than covid. Just like Event 201 showed the world what they planned, this video shows what they’re about to do in the digital realm.

  1. They’ll cripple the economy just like COVID, but on steroids. We’ll see increased lockdowns for your safety. Supply Chain crippled for days, weeks, months. And of course, massive food shortages.

  2. Society will collapse into total chaos. Recall how people acted with toilet paper shortages and the riots? Magnify people’s behaviors by 100 as it’ll be over a loaf or bread or eggs.

  3. All devices connected to the internet or each other, compromised. The only way to stop the spread of the cyber pandemic, disconnect everything from the internet. It means zero access to services of any kind. No medical, banking, transportation, or streaming entertainment. Everything shutdowns.

  4. The economy will be impacted worse than the manufactured covid pandemic. More lives senselessly destroyed by those in charge.

ref. (World Economic Forum, dir. 2021)



World Economic Forum, dir. 2021A Cyber-Attack with COVID-like Characteristics?

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