Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson Human Experiments

Supported by Trump All Along — A Crime Against Humanity

Since the beginning, Trump wasn't against the lethal mRNA injection. Instead, he used the term genetic therapies. It gave people a false hope for an injection never tested on humans before. And as he declared,

“...when I was president, everyone wanted to get the vaccine...”
— Donald Trump

Well, not everyone. Many of us knew the deception which rested beneath the treachery.

He forced Operation Wrap Speed through the door. It cleared Big Pharma from any liability. If your loved one died because of the experiment, it's on you. People injected based on a lie. No informed consent, never approved for humans. And in every animal trial, all animals died.

To this day, not a single approved mRNA injection exists in the United States. They're all under EUA. It's a crime against humanity — modern day genocide.

These jabs not only assassinate the injected, they alter the genetic sequence through CRISPR technology. It grants Big Pharma companies to rewrite the human genome to whatever they wish (WSKG. 2021.).

“The very secrets of life — our DNA — is something that we can not only read these days, but we can write. We can rewrite it if we want to,” Isaacson says. “It made me think that all of us should understand and marvel at and be excited about this notion.” 

— Walter Isaacson

And because Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson own the patent, they control those injected. The host becomes the property of the corporation.

Trump not only backs Pfizer, he boasts of their greatness.

But for many of us, we know better. Pfizer shots, even in trials, caused severe adverse reactions. Those injected will have health issue for the rest of their lives. What the media hid from the onset, these doses cause life-threatening side effects such as (Mike Adams. 2020):

  • local and systemic inflammation

  • stimulation of auto-reactive antibodies

  • autoimmunity

  • development of edema (swelling) and blood clots.

  • and the well-documented incidence of adverse polyethylene glycol (PEG) related immune reactions, including life-threatening allergic reactions.

Pfizer also has a history steeped in criminal activity. Yet Trump, the people’s president, tells the world to think otherwise. But did you know Pfizer lost the largest lawsuit in U.S. history (Justice Department. 2009)? They committed fraud on unprecedented levels with their illegal promotion of their drugs. Drugs never approved by the FDA. Even though they shelled out $2.3 billion, they're now rewarded via Operation Wrap Speed. No liability and billions in revenue each quarter.

Johnson & Johnson, another part of the Big Pharma crime family. They face a potential liability of $15+ billion in litigation and they’re bold. In one example, they demanded the government block any negative discoveries from the public. The FDA complied. They then requested a judge dismiss 14k +/- cases related to their talc-based product. Because of their willful negligence, twenty-two women became ill with ovarian cancer. They sued and won $4.7 billion (Edward Helmore. 2019).

More of their criminal behavior includes:

  • Blood-Thinner Xarelto: They didn't warn consumers about adverse reactions as it increased the risk of internal bleeding

  • Acuvue Contact Lenses: They declared their consumers must throw away the lenses after one day of use. What they neglected to mention, they’re identical to their regular Acuvue lenses, which last up to two weeks.

  • Pelvic Mesh Marketing: They violated consumer protection laws and failed to disclose the risk associated with their device.

  • Risperdal Misrepresentation: They positioned the drug to treat anxiety, agitation, depression, hostility, and confusion in the elderly, children, and those with mental disabilities for increased revenue streams.

Their corruption runs deep. They violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) as they bribed doctors and paid kickbacks to secure business in foreign countries (Cheryl J. Scarboro. 2011).

“The message in this and the SEC’s other FCPA cases is plain—any competitive advantage gained through corruption is a mirage,… J&J chose profit margins over compliance with the law by acquiring a private company for the purpose of paying bribes, and using sham contracts, off-shore companies, and slush funds to cover its tracks.”
—Robert Khuzami, Director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement

The SEC continued,

“Bribes to public doctors can have a detrimental effect on the public health care systems that potentially pay more for products procured through greed and corruption.”
—Cheryl J. Scarboro, Chief of the SEC Enforcement Division’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Unit

And yet Trump tells the American people they should trust these companies encompassed in illegal activity.

Let's not forget who gains to profit from these experimental injections through forced fear and deception. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation (Speights, Keith. 2020).

Their investments include:

  • Pfizer (Invested amount not noted, but Bill Claims Pfizer will take the lead.)

  • BioNTech ($ 55 million with a potential of $100 million. Then, like magic, they entered a partnership with Pfizer.)

  • CureVac ($52 million invested.)

  • Vir Biotechnology (Partnered GlaxoSmithKline)

Birds of a feather flock together. Anyone who pushes experimental vaccines or speaks to their greatness must be questioned. Their integrity's compromised. These shots caused more death and life-changing reactions than the virus itself. A virus which they now claim is no worse than a mild flu. And yes, they knew it all along.

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