Natural Food Supply No More in 2030 Cities

Every aspect of your life tracked. Even Food You Grow.

Abstract: As our food supply is systematically dismantled, the EU is funding a project to create "Urban Food Systems" and a blockchain-based "digital twin" platform to track indoor farming and synthetic meat from laboratory to plate to sewers. Is this an organic response to a crisis, or a nefarious plan, generations in the making, being realized before our eyes? Christian breaks it down in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.


  • The goal for Cities 2030 is end to end surveillance.  To achieve they'll use blockchain immutable records coupled data streaming to facilitates real-time tracking of all aspect of life.

  • To help push the plan and create another false narrative of a food shortage the DNC refuse ships no our port to be unloaded.

  • This move forces 22% of foreign agriculture sales lost. It also wipes out  1/4 of US agriculture exports.

  • By creating food shortages it allows them to push a digital supply chain (Digital Twin) controlled by AI (19) — artificial intelligence.  It's a virtual replica of all warehouses, inventory, etc… Every transaction tracked and recorded into the Pentagon weapon system titled, "Salus."

  • The move to shut down farms allows to push for smart cities where you'll eat synthetic foods. No more natural food supplied to these cities. 100% control.

  • The Great food transformation is underway and backed by UFSE (WEF backed) . The y'll remove all natural food.  Only synthetic allowed from the Gates and Bezos like farms.  

  • If a person decides to grows their own food it must be tracked and the information given to the government.  Without agreeing to their terms, the food is considered black market.


Ice Age Farmer, dir. 2021EU’s Plan to Replace Farms - CITIES2030 - Digital Twin of Food Supply