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Microsoft's Alleged Treasonous Acts and their Impact on Freedom of Speech

Let's Unveil the Truth, Shall We? Yes, We Shall.

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In another move towards a dysphoric future, Microsoft advances in treasonous acts. They marry forces with the federal government and other Big Tech monopolies for one purpose. Revoke your freedom of speech. But only the vocabulary which they deem misinformation. Even when content delivered into the public sector overflows with concrete facts, it’s erased. They'll outlaw any knowledge not in conformity with the official rhetoric if it doesn't harmonize with state-backed propaganda.

But as in the days of Mao, the only correspondence permitted are expressions cleared through mainstream media's minister of truth. Anyone in disagreement, destroyed and declared an enemy combatant.

Big Tech companies scheme to include software for identification of the content creator. It's a digital id to imprison your mind. Any media produced with a digital device — tracked, traced, and classified based on their scoring system.

This includes, but not limited to:

  • Laptops,

  • Webcams,

  • Video Cameras,

  • Digital Cameras,

  • Photoshop,

  • Software,

  • and even the CPU on your computer.

As the mark of the beast tightens around your throat, you need not worry. Your tax dollars fueled the end of freedom. The federal government worked in cahoots with the BBC, New York Times, Adobe, Intel, and other draconian corporations. Soon, the days will fill with a darkened sun as whispers of night extinguish the light. Then night transforms into its true identity. The abyss of, "you will own nothing and like it." If only good men stood and eradicated evil by any means necessary, our freedom would stand for future generations.

Instead, it's bye, bye, American Pie, the reality of 2023 replayed on a federal level. The music died, and the levee obliterated, with no possibility of reaching the other side.

The first amendment annihilated. Not a single shot fired as Congress transformed America into an instrument of hate and destruction.

Genocide has breached the shores of the United States.

Godspeed, my friends, godspeed.

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