Medical Doctors Spits Facts About Spike Proteins

They Cause Cancer With Irreversible Damage

Oct 31, 2022

Since the onset of the orchestrated event, Doctor Sucharit Bhakdi refused to follow the narrative. He spoke the truth at all cost and warned how these jabs have one job; destroy the human body. Once injected the damage is irreversible. Yet, no one listened.

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mRNA Injection Destroy Your Cells
Watch now (5 min) | Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi describes the danger of being injected with mRNA instructions to produce spike protein. His message, simple: Do not let them inject you with anything ever. God help us all. The mRNA genetic therapy enters the cell, which lines the vessel wall. What happens next? The cell generates spike proteins and enter the bloodstream. They cau…
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Now today as death across the world skyrocket, doctors come forward and join the ranks of the brave.

Ryan Cole, MD speaks out about these Spike Proteins and state absolute facts. These BigPharma vaccines contain technology which murders the human cell. It doesn’t matter which injection a health care brown shirts gave you. They’re all designed to destroy humans with chronic sickness and death. The body becomes a deadly spike protein factory.

How it occurs? Once injected the proteins work around the clock and bind to genes needed to fight off disease. It guarantees cancer pathways to bring demise to the host, you, the person who trusted the science. A science who can’t be sued, in the event of adverse reaction. And a science with one hundred percent immunity for those who manufactured the toxin.

Since the EUA injection program started, doctors around the world witnessed a massive uptick in lymphomas, leukemias, and blood cancers. What they’ve noticed, the spike protein enter the bone marrow which causes permanent damage.

The bottom line, vaccinated people experience severe arthritic and muscle pain. Their cells attack their immune system as their bodies lose the ability to repair. Double DNA strand breaks become the normal, which also leads to cancer and death in some cases.

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