Imre Nagy Uprising in 1956

A Different Narrative


As journalist our job is to share information we come across even if we may not agree with it. With that said, I came across the above video and below is the summary of the information within. Please leave you feedback. If you have any facts positive or negative about what David Irving shared, please leave your feedback in the comments.

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The book, "Nagy Uprising in 1956" written in 1975 by Historian David Irving tells a different story. A narrative not welcome by most.

He drives his conclusion from CIA documents, which most are unaware. When the world learned of the Imre Nagy Uprising in 1956, the narrative promoted anti-Communism rhetoric. But as David learned, it wasn't the case. What he discovered, the revolt started as an anti-Jewish revolution in the first few days. Not an anti-Communist as taught.

The reason for the people’s anger stemmed from how the Jews treated them. They came to their country and,

  1. received the best jobs,

  2. infiltrated civil service,

  3. took control of the secret police,

  4. and political roles.

The Hungarians were now ruled by foreigners. A Jewish population who tortured through the secret police in their homeland.

And to the people of Hungary, it's enough. The Jewish leadership who brought hell on them must end. From this hatred, the revolution burst into flames.

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Telegram, dir. 2021. David Irving on The Hungarian Uprising 1956.