Fauci Uses The Pandemic For Financial Gain

He and His Friends Made Out Like Bandits.

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Don’t forget, Fauci and his ilk forced American citizen into house arrest. They then used the CDC and NIH to unlawfully revoke our constitutional rights. Once their objectives were in place, they took it to the next level. Fauci and his wing-man, “Dr. Hugh Auchincloss” made out like bandits. They made the mafia look like rookies.


With their private inside knowledge of the pandemic they created. These communists sold stock and reaped massive financial gain. All the while, the people allowed it. They followed his illegal orders and allowed the decimation of their livelihoods. They accepted rules not made by the legislative branch, but agencies funded by Big Pharma and Fauci’s corrupt buddies. And if people refused compliance, jail time for the greater good. We tolerated the insanity as we watched our country burn to the ground and the hands of these animals.

Yet, while they murdered grandma and harassed business owners, these elite face no consequence. In today’s American their unethical and illegal activities go unchecked.

Why? Because they’re above the law, they are the law.

No repercussions, and no accountability. We watched U.S. citizens starve as their livelihoods vanished. All the while, those involved from the top down made millions from our pain.

Why? People refused to take a stance as communism breached our shores without a single shot fired. And sadly, it’ll only get worse because they know the citizen will do nothing to stop their plan. A plan of manufactured famine and willful destruction of our supply chain. Then total depletion of all resources until we have no self dignity left.

Remember, genocide doesn’t need a ruler’s decree when the people inject themselves into hell and refuse to stand against tyranny. At this rate, American won’t exist in 2024. So we may pray God shows us mercy. But why would He? Not only did we allow these monsters to poison us and our children with an experiment. We allowed them to push transgenderism without speaking against it. We instead embraced it. And now we dare turn to God because it’s convenient.

Sadly, I only see a wake of destruction ready to rain down on our heads.

Is this the end of days? Or are we witnessing another 1932 Soviet collectivization policy on American soil?

Like it or not, America’s over because people will not save themselves and stand for righteousness. Instead, they’ll wait for a non-existence savior as these criminals march them into their graves without pushback.

I want people to wake up, to see these criminals for what they are — murderers and butchers. But I’m afraid it won’t happen anytime soon..

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