Brainwashing 101

Go After The Children and Rule the World


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Any parent who buys these kinds of toys for their children should have their kids taken away. Babies don’t need injected or forced to wear facemasks. Yet, we allow rich CEO’s pushing government agendas on our kids with the products we buy. If you ever asked yourself how tyrants pushed propaganda on the masses, look no further. In 2022, you’re seeing it firsthand.

People today no longer care. They’ve become lazy as they walk without resistance to their own demise. Why? They’re afraid of freedom and prefer servitude. The ability to think, erased. Instead citizens follow illogical orders.

Rather than taking time to learn the truth, it’s refused outright. Instead, the people turn to their gods. The mainstream media who feeds them their daily gospel. “Trust corrupt institutions and governments without question.” And like a good serf, they do.

Families roll up their sleeves and inject experimental jabs known to kill. Weak soy boy vaxxed and boosted fathers turn a blind eye. They allow tyrants to push insanity to new levels and bankroll it with their purchases.

Covid Doll

Nenuco are You Sick Soft Doll with Thermometer, Medicine with Spoon, Vaccine, Colored Band-Aids, Spray Bottle, 13.78" Doll

I can’t tell anyone to wake up. If people are still asleep after they’ve been warned, then they deserve the damage these shots cause. You can take a horse to water, but can’t make him drink. And God knows I’ve tried.

All we can do from this day forward is pray God will open their eyes. If not, then pray their passing from these covid injections will be quick and easy.

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