Bayer's Stefan Oelrich

Another Player in the Big Pharma Cartel

Bayer's Stefan Oelrich, a global thinking conman in bed with Bill Gates. He pushes mRNA genetic therapies for the greater good. The communist manifesto. His goal, worldwide domination of health across all sectors of the globe.

The individuals he's involved with knew if they pushed for cellular gene therapy (mRNA Vaccines) two years ago, 95% of the population would refuse. But, under a pandemic, they realized they could drive it through with the use of propaganda and fear tactics.

And like Gates, he aligns with the depopulation program. In one example, Bayer gave over $100 million for contraceptives. Their target populations, women in low and middle-income countries. Those they deem not fit, sterilized.

Bayer also benefited from the mRNA injections. It allows them to further advance their bio-revolution with humans as the guinea pig. They'll allow people to inject these poisons at a price they can afford. In other words, self extermination.

To see an example of the future medical tyranny in action, look how healthcare around the globe united during COVID. All those in the fields of “medicine” came under a single utopian vision, “Health Care for All.” Another term for extermination through vaccination.

This “pandemic” allowed them to use propaganda at levels never seen before. They worked hand in hand with governments and science organizations like the CDC and NIH to encourage inoculations based on fear.

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