A.I. Tyranny, Taxed by Computer

This is only the test run. What they'll do next unimaginable.

Oct 4, 2022

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Key Points

  • 20k pools found equals $10 million euro in taxes for the state.

  • Because people added pools on their property, the government believes it increased their homes values. Therefore they must pay more in property tax.  

  • France uses A.I. to collect taxes from homeowners. With Google's cloud technology they scan backyards and look for swimming pools to generate tax revenue.

  • Main goal, use A.I. to find more ways to generate taxes.

When they said you’ll own nothing and love it, they weren’t kidding.

WIV Reports — Uncensored
Corporation's Not Only Want You Dead, They Want You Destitute First.
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What’s next, scan the interior of your home and tax for whatever they find?

Have gold stashed away in a safe place, their technology picks it up and they come and take it?

Or what happens if you have a food garden in your backyard with their tech picks which you didn’t disclose. Because you didn’t tell the government you’re arrested for operating an illegal black market garden?

Yes, it’s in discussion. See last bullet point in below article, “Natural Food Supply No More in 2030 Cities.”

WIV Reports — Uncensored
Natural Food Supply No More in 2030 Cities
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