A Man Walks Into a Bank To Withdraw his Money

The Teller ask, "but why?"

Jul 6, 2022

He replies, “it’s my money!”

“Sir, unless you can show me the absolute truth about what you wish to use the fund for, I cannot release them to you.”

“Ma’am, it’s my damn money. Here’s all required I.D. and I need my cash now.”

“Sir, what’s the money for?”

“It’s none of your business. Give me my money!”

“Sorry sir, we cannot release your money which you deposited into our bank.”

The teller puts up the close sign and walks away. She’s just doing her job, just like the Nazis did.

On a side note, here in Montana, a supposed free state, I opened an account without issue. Signed all the paperwork, deposited a few hundred and left. Three months later, in December, I receive a letter stating they need more information, so I called. They demanded to know all the details about where I work, who I work for, and what I do. I refused to answer. It’s none of their business. I decided to hash it out in person. After an hour back and forth nonsense, they closed my account. Gave me back my money and refused service. Moral of the story, stop using banks. If it wasn’t for our money in their institutions, they’d be out of business. These corporation and financial instiitutions have too much power and are out of control.

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