1968 It Began With The Club of Rome

I'll Let the Video Speak For Itself.


Everything occurring around the world today, the elite planned years ago. Now they execute and orchestrate to perfection. This includes pandemics, wars, water shortages, food supply issues, and the depopulation agenda. And, due to the planned dumbing down of societies, most sit with blinders. They cannot see the facts presented before them.

Club Of Rome 1991
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The First Global Revolution A Report By The Council Of The Club Of Rome

At this point in history, I'd recommend the following. Find a cave in the Ozarks, seize a pallet of the hardest liquor you can find, and get a thousand cartons of your favorite smokes. Next, crack open a bottle, light a cigarette, and enjoy the show. Because at this stage of the game, there’s no turning back — good men did nothing. And today, the men are chicks with dicks. Yeah, I know.

I shake my head every day and weep for future generations. But I can offer this one statement with the utmost confidence, "may God have mercy on our complacent souls." He's the only person where you'll find any mercy or peace.

Many years ago, I quit smoking. Now might be the time to pick the habit back up again. Because from where I sit, I’d prefer a pack a day rather than eating ze bugs.

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On a positive note, I love you all, and have a great weekend. And DON’T EAT ZE BUGS!

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